In 1971, FDA, which stands for Food and Drug Administration had started manufacturing microwave ovens. The manufacturing of microwave ovens is required for their products to certify and meet the most critical features: safety while cooking food because it will be harmful to people while cooking food on the gas stove. Still, while cooking food in a microwave oven, it will not be harmful if they follow the safety measures. Microwaves are a made-up combination of electromagnetic waves and magnetic energy which move together from space. It will spread out the extra heat while cooking food from the fan. The fan will help spread overheat from itself, which will help not harm the food and outside environment. Features Of Perfect Microwave
  • Child Lock: While cooking food, children try to touch the food in the microwave, which can be harmful to their children, so that customer should buy that oven which has a child lock safety that helps people to stay safe their children from the burning.
  • Auto Cook: With this feature, customers can make their food on the auto process. They only need to add the material for food in a bowl, and you can do other work while making food. As in, you need not look for it and handle it. So you can stay hassle-free while cooking.
  • Family Size: While buying the microwave, customers should take care of the capacity of their product, like in size, which calculates according to your family size because if your family is nuclear, then you can go for 15-20 liters size, but if you are in a joint family then you need to go for 20 liters and above according to the members in a joint family. It will quickly help you in buying the product easily. For more than six members, users should go for 31 liters and an above capacity microwave oven.
  • Power settings: Most microwave ovens have flexible power settings, which help them to cook accordingly. Mainly microwave wattage range lies between 600 to 1200 watts. The rule while cooking food is you need to cook fast, then you need to increase the wattage, and if you need to take time while cooking, then it goes for less wattage. First, you need to analyze the consumption of food, and then if you don’t need much, you can use 800 wattage, which is stable wattage. If you are cooking food in bulk for a large family, you need to increase the wattage.
  • Additional Features: some additional features include whether buying a microwave oven is checking whether defrosting, grill, and convection mode is working or not. These features count as procuring the best microwave features and suits your need as they have a variety of microwave ovens.
Microwave Dimensions Microwave dimensions are also an essential part because customers need to check the space first, where they need to place the microwave oven as they don’t have much space then you can go for accordingly. Microwave dimensions have width, height, depth, capacity, watts, and weight. There are a variety of sizes which come in small countertop, medium countertop, oversized and over the large with the built-in and commercial type of microwave dimension. Bottom Lines While buying a microwave oven, the user should consider the above five factors for considering the best microwave oven. Each factor has its different features so that customers can’t avoid it while buying. In addition, users can go for dimensions measurement for the website as mentioned earlier, which helps you calculate the microwave oven’s dimension.